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Indonesian Literature Club,  Sydney

Indo Lit Club’s mission is to create a friendly, fun, stimulating and inclusive atmosphere, where people from all backgrounds share their love and curiosity of Indonesia through literature. The discussion is mainly in English, with those wishing to do so, contributing in Indonesian.  Non-Indonesian speakers welcome. Participants could improve their Indonesian with friendly conversation and discussion. BYO food, or something to share.

The club hosts regular monthly daytime meetings, at the Customs House Library, 31 Albert Street, Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000.

Topic, details of meeting and text in Bahasa Indonesia and its English translation (for short stories) are sent by email prior to the meeting.

For registration and more information, contact us at

Topic of Discussions

13 Februari 2020 : Sukab's World - stories from the Soeharto Era

- Pengaduan Sukab / Sukab's Complaint

- Carmina Burana


4 December 2019 : Grief & Sorrow

- Airmata - Airmata /  Tears by Skylashtar Maryam
- Goa Maria /  Goa Maria by Bernard Batubara
- La Rangku /  La Rangku by Niduparas Erlang


6 November 2019 : Symbolism of Bird

- Lali Panggora /  The Hawk that Heralds Death by Saut Poltak Tambunan
- Seorang Istri dan Seekor Burung Buta /  The Wife and the Blind Bird by Romi Zaman
- Selamat Jalan Fierda /  Farewell Fierda by Ian Campbell - A Poem

16 October 2019 : Nh.Dini

- Keberangkatan /  Departures  by Nh. Dini - A Novel

11 September 2019 : Tales from Eastern Indonesia

- Kak Sulaeman / My Brother Sulaeman by Darmawati Madjid
- Nika Baronta / Nika Baronta by Alan Malingi
- Tugé / The Tugé by Gus tf Sakai


14 August 2019 : Food in Words - Indonesia’s Culinary Culture in Literature

- Kepala K / The Sate Barbeque by Mona Sylviana
- Mirah dari Banda / Mirah of Banda by Hanna Rambe
- Pabaruak / The Monkey Handler by Boni Chandra

10 July 2019 : Managing Mental Illness in Indonesia

- Gadis Terindah / The Most Beautiful Girl by Gus tf Sakai
- Rumah Jompo / The Nursing Home by Bayu Pratama

12 June 2019 : Woman as Dancer

- Nalar's Mask / Topeng Nalar by Dewi Utari
- The Dancer / Tandak by Royyan Julian

9 May 2019 : Quirky Tales of Modern Life

- Bingung / Confused by Fadel Ilahi El-Dimsky
- Partikel-Partikel Tuhan / The God Particles by Leopold A. Surya Indrawan
- Tape Recorder di Kampung Kami / Tape Recorder in Our Village by Amanche Franck

17 April 2019 : Ritual Practices in Java

- Gemblak / The Gemblak by Emil Amir
- Ronjhengan / Ronjhengan by Ahmad Muchlis Amrin


20 March 2019 : Toraja's Death Rituals
- Surga Ibu / Mother's Heaven by Fitrawan Umar
- Pot Na Enga Tako / Pot Na Enga Tako by Gus tf Sakai

14 February 2019 : West Sumatran Matrilineal Culture
- Lelaki yang Dibeli / The Groom's Price by Uda Agus
- Memang Jodoh / Made for Each Other by Marah Rusli

6 Dec 2018 : Environment
- Risalah Lidah / Tale of the Tongue by Clara Ng
- Menjual Trenggiling / Selling the Pangolin by Oly Rinson
- Batu Bujang / River Stones by Benny Anas

14 November 2018 : Foreign Domestic Workers (TKW)
- Hong Kong / Hong Kong
- Saleha / Saleha in the Snow Storm by Ida Ahdiah
- Surat Berdarah untuk Bapak Presiden / A Blood Stained Letter to Mr. President by Jaladara

11 Oct 2018 : Contemporary Stories by Mona Sylviana
- Wajah Terakhir / The Last Face
- Dongeng Penebusan / A Tale of Redemption


glimpses of Indo Lit Club meetings | photos by Toni Pollard

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Kestity Pringgoharjono was the Executive Director of Lontar Foundation from 2011-2014, a non-profit organisation promoting Indonesian literature in English, before being appointed to join Lontar’s Board of Trustees in 2015 ( She is also the founder of Preserve Indonesia, a non-profit arts & cultural initiative, and for over a decade has been working to develop arts & cultural links with Indonesia, her home country, in different countries. She co-authored “The Centhini Story, The Javanese Journey of Life”, published by Marshall Cavendish Asia (Times Editions) and while living in Hong Kong, she worked as an interpreter (Indonesian/English) for Judiciary Hong Kong.

Toni Pollard has been a teacher of Indonesian in Australia since 1967, both at high school and university level and more recently as a private tutor. A NAATI qualified translator with twenty-five years experience in translation across many fields, Toni took up literary translation after her retirement from the University of Western Sydney at the end of 2004. Working mostly with Lontar, Toni’s translations include the novels Mirah of Banda by Hanna Rambe and Departures by NH Dini, as well as the short story collection by Gus tf Sakai, Night’s Disappearance. Since 2008 Toni has translated countless short stories, articles and essays for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival’s bilingual publication of the works of emerging Indonesian writers attending the annual event.