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The Centhini Story, the Javanese Journey of Life
by Author Dr. Soewito Santoso and Co-Author Kestity Pringgoharjono
Book Launch with Reading, Dance & Hip Hop Performances

26 September 2007

Lotus Stage, Puri Saraswati
Ubud Main Street, Ubud

Gianyar 80571, Bali

The Centhini Story’s Indonesian launch was held in Ubud, Bali the opening event at the Ubud Readers and Writers Festival in September 2007.  The launch brought together performing artists  who performed a dance interpretation of Serat Centhini, the original text which inspired The Centhini Story, and Rap performer Kill the DJ Hip Hop Diningrat, who performed Javanese traditional songs (Tembang),  in a hip hop form. A photo exhibition was also held at Ary’s Warung in Ubud in support of the launch.


The Centhini Story - a Photo Exhibition by Fendi Siregar


September 2007
Ary’s Warung
Ubud Main Street, Ubud

Gianyar 80571, Bali



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